"Happy Hoomens is a blockchain gaming NFT project that seeks to bridge the education gap between web2 and web3 gaming communities and charities through fun, entertaining, and learning focused initiatives."

Our Mission is to:

  • Identify web2 charities that are open to using web3
  • Onboard these charities and teach them how to properly use Algorand, ALGO, and TRTS for the betterment of each charity's client base and hard working volunteers who help make all this even possible.
  • Donate to these good, wholesome causes in a sensible, sustainable way that helps their clients directly in a verifiable way, and uses Algorand for accurate and fast financial facilitations and record keeping .
  • Identify web2 gaming communities and engage with users using entertaining or educational initiatives to reach the goal of bringing them over to web3 and Algorand.
  • Create a large arcade with web2 and and web3 games, some of which are free to play, some utilize a L2E model, and some use a P2E model to bring value to users, creators, and supporters of the Happy Hoomens project.
  • Utilize different game builds through out the arcade so our collaborations are less of a hassle for whoever we work with in the future, be it a plug and play of some pfps battling or writing new levels for something we already have that would be exclusive to collab NFT holders or something to the same effect.
  • Make sure all contracts we write have sustainable fee structures that all parties can agree to for at least 1 week - 1 year at a time.

Future contracts will have the future DAO's community wallet tied in to receive a small % of all transactions of our main 5 games. Mini games and event revenue will be used to pay for upkeep of licenses, 3rd party audits, hiring temp help where and whenever applicable, and anything else needed for the continued success of the Happy Hoomens projects community and partners, non profits and for profits alike.

Future contract stipulations will eventually have to be finalized by a DAO vote.

  • Have 5 different Happy Hoomens NFT sets each showcasing a different animal type with Set 5 being comprised of merged or upgraded NFTs from Sets 1-4.

For example, 5x Set 1 pups can be merged into a Set 5 colossal canine creature that has a token drop rate of 5x Set 1 pups plus bonus perks like admission to our future event, discounts and exclusive games for holders only.

  • Have multichain mints and enable our NFTs to move cross chain.

We plan on enabling out NFTs to move cross chain in the future.